Bring Home the Browns

Last night while laying in bed I was on facebook. I came across the page called Bring Home the Browns. After reading every post and looking at every picture I could not sleep. This is their story…

Sean and Heather Brown lived a typical East Texas love story. He was a backwoods boy who loved to hunt, and she was a blonde beauty. The two fell in love and got married, and 7 years later found out they would be expanding their little family. But their story took a wrong turn just over a month ago, and they’re using Facebook to share it and inspire people everywhere.


On September 15th and 34 weeks pregnant, while John was fighting for our country in Afghanistan, Heather was having some headaches and back pains. So she went to the hospital to be cautious. There she starting having seizures which doctors determined was due to bleeding in her brain. The baby, John Michael, was taken by emergency C-section and sent to a local NICU Unit. All the while Heather had slipped into a coma.

Sean got word of what was going on with his family back home, and immediately started the journey from Afghanistan to East Texas. It took him 72 hours with no contact to get updates on his wife and son. He arrived at Tyler Pounds and had a police escort to the hospital.

On October 5th, at 5 lbs, baby John Michael Thomas Brown was brought home in good condition with his daddy by his side. Doctors are pleased with his development as he and his family are adjusting. Sean tries to divide his time at home with Baby John and time at the hospital with Heather.

It’s been over a month and Heather is still in a coma. Yesterday, Baby John got to visit his mother for the first time. While Heather has had little to no response or reaction, doctors say that John is the best medicine that Heather can have. He is better than any medicine a doctor can prescribe.

The family gives updates on Heather and the baby, along with pictures on their Facebook page. Since the page was put up just over one month ago, it has gained over 365,000 likes and shares across the country. People are being inspired by this families story and strength. For updates on Heather and Baby John, visit the Facebook page.

I laid there in the dark crying my heart out. Any of us that suffer with infertility know its pain. We have such a strong love and desire for a child that does not exsist. I can’t imagine what they are going thru… To dream of a child for so long then going into a coma. She has dreamed of holding this baby for so long. Seeing him smile and crawl and growing into an adult. No one would ever imagined that Heather would be in a coma. The doctors say the John is the best medicine for her and I agree. For someone who wants to be a mother so bad as she did and as most of us do… the smell and sound and feel of that baby will bring this woman back to them. I laid there wondering how I could help, what I could do. I am also a scentsy consultant so I first opened a fundraiser called Bring Home the Browns. ALL COMMISSION EARNED FROM THIS WILL GO TO SEAN BROWN AND FAMILY!!!!!! All I want is to know that a woman who has dreamed and prayed for a child for so long gets to hold her baby in her arms and know that all her prayers were answered.  You can visit my page at and place an order, you will loose nothing. I just feel like there is something more I can do. I pray from them…. I just don’t know how to help. This page has over 365,000 likes if everyone would give $1.00… think what that would do for Johns future.  I don’t know. I am putting this out there. Any suggestions on other ways we can help?



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