Helping a family in need

I was recently informed of a family in need. The wonderful lady that cleans our office also cleans for Townsend realtors. They were discussing a family and looking for a way to help. The man is a single dad. I do not know all the person details however his children were in a very bad situation. He had to get out of the army to get full custody of his children to give them a better life. He is now struggling to pay rent and provide them with what they need. He is behind on rent and stands a chance of being evicted before Christmas. Not to mention the children won’t be having receiving any gifts. Many of you may know but I a m a scentsy consultant also. I have opened up a fundraiser on my website for this family. Any commission earned on this order I will give 100% of it to paying rent for this family and providing his children with gifts, food etc. for Christmas. I am not forcing anyone to buy I just want to get the word out. I understand we can’t help everyone but maybe if we can help one person then they will one day return the favor. You are welcome to order from my website, contact me with your order info or just pass it along to people you know.  My website is  or you can email me at


Thank you for your time

Amanda Fender



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