Why does mommy cry?

One day, a child born into Heaven looked down upon the Earth. She saw a young woman crying. She reconized this woman as her mother. The young child looked to her Grandfather. She asked, “Grandpa. why does mommy cry?” The Grandfather smiled at the little babe.

He replied, “Well young one,” she cries because you are in Heaven.” The child looked down upon her mother and frowned. “Grandpa, mommy shouldn’t cry. I’m in Heaven. I’m one of God’s angels. That’s a good thing. I don’t understand.”

The Grandfather smiled once again and replied, “She cries because you are her her child and she cannot hold you in her arms. She cries because of the unconditional love a mother has for her babe. She cries because she misses you.” The babe sat and contemplated his words.

After some time she replied, “I don’t want mommy to cry. I love her because she loves me.” the Grandfather replied, “Neither do I, little one.” The babe responded,”How can we comfort her?” The Grandfather replied, “The only thing we can. Reach down our arms to her from Heaven. Let her know Jesus sees her suffering and give her comfort.” 

And with that, they reached down and held the woman in a heavenly embrace. And the young woman stopped crying and received strength to feel like she could face a new day.


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