sisters baby shower

ImageImageImageImageImageSo I was the lucky one that gets to throw my sisters baby shower. Now don’t get me wrong I am so happy for her and at least I get to be an aunt. However this is the hardest thing I have ever done. I have spent weeks in dr. Seussville. I have put all my time in energy into making sure she has an amazing and unforgivable day. Now that the shower is next weekend i am almost out of projects. Then the shower will be over. I think in the past few weeks I may have put all the time and work into it not only for her but for myself. I was able to live part of my dream… Getting ready for a baby. I can’t help but being a little angry and just wondering what I done so wrong. Why would I have to suffer like this. I honestly dread the day of the shower. I will see family members I haven’t seen in years and of course they will want to know when I’m going to have a baby since I am 6 years older. How do I deal with that? I want her day to be amazing without my feelings showing. So anyways on the brighter side check put my Dr. Seuss creations.


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